About Cynthia Lee

Cynthia LeeThe Artist


Cynthia Lee comes from humble beginnings born in eastern Colorado, her flair for fashion, drama and pageantry, however, were evident from a very young age.

Cynthia began modeling at the young age of 19, recognized quickly by the industry, moving into professional circles, advancing her skills.  She has been mentored by most recognizable names as Coco Channel affording her the opportunity to showcase her skills doing makeup for, “The Boss,” Ms. Diana Ross.

She took a “break” from the big lights and big names of fashion to pursue her hearts desire, a family of her own.  She chose to walk away from the glitz and glamour to raise a loving, beautiful family of two children, her husband and their small farm. However, the bright lights and fashion heights remained a “call” upon Cynthia’s life.

After having successfully raised her two beautiful children, Cynthia relented to the never ceasing call of creative fashion.  She began working in the art of Millinery.  The Drama, The Fashion and the Nastalgia of this fine craft were just the right ingredients to enflame Cynthia’s passion for creativity.

Cynthia quickly began learning and mastering the art of Millinery, rapidly creating a name for herself with her unique, haute couture yet vintage approach to a very specific form of art and fashion.

There is no denying Cynthia’s unique gift for creating the perfect look for any occasion.

Renowned internationally, Cynthia has appeared on PBS, esteemed as acting “In House Milliner” at the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Model T.  She is often asked to speak at Historical Societies, special events, educational conferences and exhibitions.

She has been commissioned to have her creations spot lighted by the Denver Museum of Natural History and Science for their Titanic exhibition, viewed by over 18 million people worldwide.  She is a common name at such institutions as the Kentucky Derby Museum where she has received the acclaimed and coveted honor of the Judges Choice Award, showing in 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Her esteemed work has been showcased consistently appearing at the Royal Ascot Racecourse in England, the Kentucky Derby, Broadway and World Wide at the Victorian and Edwardian Teas.

She is truly an international name recognized by everyone in the circles of great fashion.