Kentucky Derby Hats that Make a Statement

Around the world big horse races are a momentous event for more than just the usual racing enthusiasts.

Races like the Kentucky Derby in the USA, the Royal Ascot in the UK, and the Melbourne Cup in Australia bring out would be racing fans, adventure seekers, famous people, and gentry from around the world.

These races become moments in time for epic race stories to be born and a brief human escape from the every day into a fairytale land of mingling with a diverse group of people, dressing to play a part.

They become a frivolous escapade into an almost lost art of elite etiquette and pageantry.

There are many other races out there where similar displays take place as well.

If you are so inclined to participate in one of these affluent events, one of the things you will notice is that there is a dress code unlike any other event on the planet.

2013 Kentucky Derby Hat posterYou will find an odd mix between stepping back in time to a bygone era and mingling in the technological and design advancements of the current age.

Most of the clothing is tasteful and sophisticated laced with modesty and classic elegance. Men and women alike seem to dawn an air of nostalgic pride in their dress.

Yet everything is done with a subtle daringness of color and flair that tantalizes your senses and playfully induces smiles and joy all around.

Where the outright boldness comes in and makes you stand up and take notice is in the hats and accessories, but mostly the hats.

It is a tradition that goes back generations and carries on with pride today.

A simple search on Google for “Kentucky Derby Hats” will yield pages and pages of images of hats and fascinators that range from over the top, to stunning, to “WOW”, to the truly absurd.Yellow Kentucky Derby Museum Hat

Any milliner or hat maker has a desire to make their mark and having beautiful hats in attendance at any of the big races is definitely part of that legacy.

Cynthia Lee one of the premier milliners for these events in her own right.

With a long list of clients who have worn her hats to all of the big horse races and race parties, Cynthia Lee also has the distinction of some of her hats having been featured in the Kentucky Derby Museum for 4 years running.

With multiple awards, including the coveted Judge’s Choice Award, these hats are part of the hallmark that is Chapeaus by Cynthia Lee.

One of the points that make Cynthia Lee’s hats so desirable is that each one is handmade and completely unique.  There have never been two identical hats come out of her studio and there never will be.

Further demonstrating the authenticity, each hat is signed and includes a unique registry number.

In truth, each chapeau is a completely unique work of art, and worthy of its reputation as such.

When it comes to her Kentucky Derby Hats or other horse race hats, most of Cynthia Lee’s clients choose a hat and design their outfit around the hat instead of the other way around.

DSC_0028 editSo regardless of which race you are attending, be sure to choose your hat well in advance so that you ensure it is available for you and that you have time to assemble the perfect outfit to go with it.

Then be ready to strut your stuff as you look simply impressive for your day at the races.